FAQ for Current/Admitted Students

I am a current/admitted graduate student at U-M. Can I explore the possibility of joining your lab?
Yes! Please feel free to email Prof. Jia Deng to set up a meeting.

I am an undergraduate student at U-M. Are there opportunities to participate in your research? Are there any prerequisites?
Yes! Please feel free to email Prof. Jia Deng. Please include your CV, transcripts, and a brief statement of interest. There are no hard requirements, but the ideal candidate should have taken EECS 281, MATH 214, STATS 250 or their equivalents. EECS 442 and/or EECS 445 would be a plus.

FAQ for Prospective Students

Do you have PhD positions for Fall ?
Yes, we are always looking for strong, motivated PhD students. If you are interested, we encourage you to apply to the CSE PhD program. In particular, we recommend you select AI as your area and mention Prof. Jia Deng in your statement. For more information see the CSE graduate admissions page.

Can I join you if I apply to the ECE or Robotics PhD program?
Yes, we do take students from the ECE or Robotics program, although we primarily recruit students through the CSE program.

I am applying to the CSE MS program. Can I join you and get a Research Assistant position in your lab?
There are research opportunities for MS students. Funding is possible but not guaranteed, especially not for the first semester.

I am applying to your PhD program. Can you take a look at my credentials and let me know your feedback?
We receive a large number of such inquiries and cannot respond individually. Such inquiries are unnecessary. Please rest assured that your application will be reviewed by the admissions committee.

Do you have postdoc openings?
No, we currently have no postdoc openings.